The Center for Campaign Innovation is a 501(c)4 non-profit research center guiding conservatives through the digital transformation of politics and advocating for the increased adoption of digital communications technology by candidates and elected officials. We promote evidence-based campaigning.

There are three pillars to the Center’s efforts:

  • Conducting original research, including surveys of practitioners and voters to understand attitudes and approaches to digital campaigning.
  • Publishing content to share research findings, encourage practitioners to adopt innovations, and convince decision makers about the effectiveness of new strategies and tactics.
  • Sponsoring initiatives that build an innovation ecosystem, including podcasts, newsletters, and events.

Eric Wilson

Executive Director

Eric Wilson is a political technologist driving innovation and digital transformation in the Republican party. He’s a veteran of numerous campaigns. Named Campaigns & Election’s “2021 Technology Leader of the Year” and a Harvard Ash Center Technology & Democracy Fellow (2019-2021), he’s frequently interviewed by the media about campaigns and technology and regularly speaks domestically and internationally about the digital transformation of politics.